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Part of Panache Audio Systems

A very impressive 8 x 6m mobile stage system ideal to hire for large to medium sized events were set up and de rig times are limited. The initial stage itself can be erected in as little as 90 minutes being delayed only by banners, lighting and PA installation.

EcoSTAGE 8 x 6 is supplied with three sides of black mesh, two sets of steps, built in trussing for lighting installation, branding banner bars across the roof, security hand rails and PA wing beam. A weather covered built in PA wing for line speakers is a useful option for extra branding banners and makes the whole stage look more impressive.

StageACE is owned and operated by its parent company ‘Panache Audio Systems’ which supply sound and technical equipment into the events industry. Very often our clients take advantage of our total package solution ensuring smooth and professional quality  throughout the event. Please ask for details.   

Technical Information

EcoSTAGE 8 x 6m pdf

Technical Data pdf

Open Stage Dimensions pdf

Transport Dimensions pdf

Banner Artwork Details pdf



Mobile Stage Hire - 8 x 6m

Not just a stage… a stage built in 90 minutes!